Where's your screwdriver? If you're not sure, this 14-piece magnetic set is $20

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As soon as I need a screwdriver, every screwdriver within a five-mile radius of me vanishes. Were they ever there? I can't say. I thought one was in the drawer with the measuring tape and loose nails, but now even the measuring tape isn't there. What was going to be a five-minute task frequently turns into an hour-long hunt. But this is fixable.

If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can get a big set of Cremax magnetic screwdrivers for $20 right now. Keep them in their bag and keep that bag somewhere you can see to prevent it from sneaking away, and you'll never be without the screwdriver you need again.

Cremax may sound like a muscle-building drink, but its screwdrivers are well-liked on Amazon, with 4.6 out of 5 stars. They probably aren't going to last two generations like the $167 Snap-on Ratcheting Screwdriver we recommend, but for $20 they look sturdy enough.

Cremax magnetic screwdrivers | $19.74 (save $5.25)

Cremax magnetic screwdrivers | $19.74 (save $5.25)
Annoyingly, this small deal on some screwdrivers requires you be a Prime member. If you are, it's a cheap way to ensure you don't have to go scavenging every time something needs fixing.

Here's another good product to have around: a headlamp so you aren't trying to balance your cell phone flashlight against the side of your PC while you work. You can get a small discount on an LED headlamp right now, bringing it to $7.03.

And while we're at it, I feel like my life is constantly building toward the next moment when I'm going to think "this problem could be fixed with a long Ethernet cable, which I don't have." How about a 25-foot Cat 7 Ethernet Cable for $8.95, then?

While others in the office are buying PCs and monitors, I'm all about the little things that I know I'm going to need but never bother to buy before I need them. I may as well throw in a 10-foot long HDMI cable for $8.87 and a pair of micro USB cables for $7.59, just to be extra prepared. I guarantee I'll solve some sort of A/V emergency some day, and be a hero. Or at least helpful.

For deals on bigger things like laptops, monitors, and peripherals, head to our list of the best Cyber Monday deals.

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