What do you wish they'd announce at E3 this year?

E3 2018 is about to begin. (Here's the press conference schedule, and much more importantly, here's the press conference cliche checklist.) Before the actual thing comes along and breaks our hearts, let's indulge ourselves in some daydreaming: What do you wish they'd announce at E3 this year? That's the question placed before our crack team of opinion-havers this week. Please join in with your own wishes in the comments, and don't let reality hold you back. We haven't.

Samuel Roberts: A new Jedi Knight

We're five years into EA's Star Wars licence deal with Disney and only have two Battlefront games of mixed quality to show for it. How come another KOTOR didn't happen? Would there really be no demand for a new X-Wing? How about a new Jedi Knight? The latter is probably the one I'd want the most. If Ubisoft can make a good fist of it with For Honor, a similar type of game with lightsabers would surely be a huge hit. Jedi Academy was somehow 15 years ago, and the excitement of a Jedi duel hasn't diminished for me.

With a more realistic view, I hope a new Splinter Cell gets announced this year, and I hope it's like the Ubisoft version of MGSV.

Steven Messner: Dragon's Dogma 2

Capcom's Monster-Hunter-meets-Skyrim mashup from 2012 was a deeply flawed but oh-so-memorable RPG bursting with personality. Its fantasy aesthetic was a little too traditional, but it more than made up for that with incredible action combat against towering monsters that you could climb on a la Shadow of the Colossus. I really loved the character progression and party system too, which let you borrow other players' sidekicks and rent out your own in exchange for all sorts of goodies and experience. It remains one of the coolest forms of pseudo-multiplayer I've ever seen in a game. And hell, despite being kinda janky and weird, Dragon's Dogma sold two million copies and Capcom seemed interested in expanding the series further.

Fast forward six years, and we've heard nothing. Aside from an Asia-only MMORPG and a pretty solid PC port, there's been little news on the future of Dragon's Dogma. That makes it the perfect out-of-left-field announcement for Capcom to make. People want more Dragon's Dogma (at least I do), but it's been so long that I'm willing to bet most have forgotten what a bizarre and charming game it was. So yeah, my secret wish for E3 2018 is that Capcom does what Capcom used to do best and announces a new JRPG—preferably of the Dragon's Dogma variety. 

Christopher Livingston: Plants vs Zombies 3

I was pretty disappointed when the Plants vs Zombies series steered away from the desktop PC and went toward mobile, free-to-play, card games, and whatever that third-person shooter thing was I never played. A nice new tower defense PvZ game on PC would be great. Something close to the original game, not going crazy with 1,000 different modes or VR or made to be played on a smart watch or 100-player co-op on mobile or anything else. Just tower defense with cute plants and zombies. Like the original. Exactly like the original. Hm, maybe I should just play the original again.

Jody Macgregor: The Elder Scrolls 6

I was going to be the numbnuts who says "I want to see an original idea, show me something neeeewww" but no, actually I also want a sequel to a popular thing. I want Bethesda to come out and explain they teased Fallout With Your Friends ahead of E3 as a way of clearing the deck so they can drop the big one during their conference, and announce The Elder Scrolls 6: Summerset Isles. It'll be single-player, have a backdrop of fascist elves versus a rebellion led by a charismatic Khajiit, and also this time the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood questlines will be good again. Drop mic, exit stage.

I mean, I'll be watching the Devolver show and hoping that between the gore and parody of corporate excess they announce something eye-bogglingly fresh, but I would also be very happy with yet another Elder Scrolls game. Maybe with a bit more Sheogorath stuff in it.

Bo Moore: Dragon Age: Inquisition 2

I know I'm in the minority, but I loved Dragon Age: Inquisition. It was just the right about of high-fantasy RPG bullshit, but more specifically I loved the mid-mission banter while palling around with my squadmates. BioWare dropped the ball on Mass Effect Andromeda, so hopefully whenever we get a new Dragon Age it won't fall prey to the same pitfalls. Unfortunately I'm guessing that BioWare will be all-Anthem this E3, so my next date with Iron Bull will probably have to wait.

Phil Savage: Dragon Age 2-II

Sure, Bo, Dragon Age: Inquisition was good. But was it better than Dragon Age 2? Yes, it was. But did Dragon Age 2 have a ton of potential? Yes, it did. Could a deep-dive RPG that focused down on one city over a long period of time, that lets you get to see its citizens evolve and develop, be really amazing? Yes, if it has more than one warehouse.

Anyway, that'll never happen, so I guess I'm just hoping the Forza Horizon 4 rumors were true.

Joe Donnelly: Red Dead Redemption 2, Bloodborne 2, Stories Untold 2, whatever everyone else wants

I want Rockstar to unselfishly appear at E3 to say: yes, Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to PC and, no, it won't be a staggered release like GTA 5. If I can't have that, I want that weird FromSoftware teaser from last year's Game Awards to indeed be Bloodborne 2—and I want Sony to benevolently ease up on the licensing front and announce it for PC. And if I can't have that, I want some more horror anthology text adventures from Stories Untold developer No Code. And if I can't have that then, I dunno, I want whatever someone else said. I don't care who. You pick. 

Andy Chalk: Stalker 2

I know that the Stalker 2 announced (sort of) in May isn't anywhere near being an actual thing that exists, but this is my fantasy and that's what I want. I want the cover torn dramatically off of an unexpected GSC Game World booth, I want Sergei Grigorovich to leap out of it shouting "Get in here, Stalker!" to people passing by, and I want it to be great—Shadow of Chernobyl as it was originally envisioned, and without all the bugs and bullshit. And then, since I won't be there, I want him to email me a link to the demo build.

Plan B--something that might actually be there—is Serious Sam 4. Planet Badass, baby! I'll preorder that sucker for the title alone. 

James Davenport: Anything from FromSoftware, please, anything

I do not expect E3 to surprise me this year. I say this, because the only thing that could surprise me, that could make me feel, is a substantial announcement from FromSoftware. If I go in expecting anything, I only set myself up for heartbreak. I don't need Dark Souls, Bloodborne 2 would be nice, and I'll even take one of them new robot games they're so beloved for. Point is, I'm just so damn curious what a From game looks like post Dark Souls 3. Whatever they've been working on, chances are they've been chipping away at it long before that game came out. It's probably shinier and more complex than what we're used to. It's probably vast and sublime. It's probably perfect. I want it. Cookie & Cream 2, come to me.

Tim Clark: Hearthstone 2

And Sylvanas Windrunner should come back, but with a different effect. And she should be a Hunter legendary. 

Sorry. That's all I've got, friends.

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