How to craft a feather cape in Valheim

Valheim feather cape
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A Valheim feather cape can really help you channel your inner Viking as you explore what's new in the Mistlands update. It also prevents fall damage, which you'll realise is a pretty big deal if you've seen the new biome. It looks cool too, so what's not to love?

If you are planning on traversing the Mistlands, a Wisplight is a good idea to help you see where you're going—as well as what might be chasing you—while a crossbow can be handy if you want to deal damage from a safe distance. Of course, none of that matters if you don't look the part so here's how to craft a feather cape in Valheim. 

Valheim feather cape: How to craft this stylish cloak 

You won't be able to craft a feather cape until you've done at least a little exploring in the Mistlands biome. Not only do the majority of the resources come from there but you'll need to have access to the new Galdr table crafting station, and as luck would have it, our Staff of Embers guide covers how to make the latter.

Here's what you need to craft a feather cape:

  • Feather x10
  • Scale hide x5
  • Refined Eitr x20

Feathers are easy to find and you should have collected a whole bunch while exploring before you even hit the Mistlands. If you're short, birds drop them when shot down with a bow and you can also find them frequently in chests. 

Scale hide is one of the new Mistlands resources. You'll need to hunt down some hares to get this new material but luckily, these cute critters are pretty easy to find in the new biome but are quite skittish. Your best bet is to take them out with a bow or other ranged weapon.

Refined Eitr will be the most difficult resource to get hold of. There are quite a few steps to obtaining this magical material but our Valheim Eitr guide covers everything you need to know. Basically, you'll need a Sap Extractor and an Eitr Refinery to collect this resource. The good news is that it's used for many new Mistlands items and recipes so it's worth the effort to get set up.

Once you've gathered the materials, use the Galdr Table to craft the feather cape. Once equipped, it will give you the Feather Fall buff that decreases your fall speed and prevents all fall damage. Phew! 

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