How to collect and refine Eitr in Valheim

Valheim Eitr
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Eitr is the new magical resource that you can find in Valheim Mistlands. It has a lot of uses and can craft many of the new items that arrived with the latest update to Iron Gate's Viking survival game. 

You'll need to venture into the Mistlands if you want to get your hands on this new resource and Plains-level gear is advisable if you want to survive the new biome—knowing how to make a Wisp Light can be useful. There are several steps you'll need to go through in order to be able to use this volatile substance. Here's how to collect and refine Eitr in Valheim. 

How to make a Valheim Sap Extractor 

As Eitr is a magical resource, it makes sense that it comes from something fantastical, like Yggdrasil's sap, for example. You'll find plenty of the sacred tree's roots in and around the Mistlands and the green glowy areas of the wood are where you can gather the sap. You'll need a special extractor to gather the stuff though, and a workbench to construct it with. 

To make a Sap Extractor, you'll need the following:

  • Black metal x5
  • Yggdrasil wood x10
  • Dvergr Extractor x1

Black metal can be found in the Plains and Yggdrasil wood can be harvested in the Mistlands using a black metal axe. The final item on the list is a little trickier to get hold of, however.

You can find Dvergr Extractors easily enough as they are often inside crates covered in blue runes at Dvergr camps. These NPCs aren't hostile but if you attack them or try to steal their stuff, they're going to get pretty annoyed. Basically, be prepared to fight them as soon as you grab the extractor, or make sure your path is clear so you can make a quick getaway—though bear in mind they're likely to be hurling magic at you too. 

As soon as you pick up the Dvergr Extractor, you'll learn the crafting recipe for the Sap Extractor and you can head to the nearest glowy Yggdrasil root. Place a regular workbench first then build the Sap Extractor to start gathering the resource.

Valheim Eitr Refinery: How to make one 

You'll learn how to craft an Eitr Refinery when you pick up your first jar of sap. This is where you'll turn the sap into Refined Eitr which you can then use for a number of new Mistlands items, including weapons and armor. 

Here's what you'll need for the Eitr Refinery:

  • Black metal x5
  • Black Core x5
  • Black marble x20
  • Yggdrasil wood x10
  • Sap x3

As mentioned above, black metal and Yggdrasil wood are both pretty easy to get hold of. You should already have plenty of sap, black marble can be found by mining petrified bone with a black metal pickaxe, and Black Cores are the Mistlands' version of Surtling Cores and can be found inside the new biome's dungeons. 

Once you have everything you need, you can throw down a workbench to build your very own Eitr Refinery. There is one last thing you'll need, however. You can add sap to the refinery at the front of the machine but there's a place to insert the fuel at the top. 

Naturally, this magical machine isn't going to be powered by something simple like wood or coal—instead, the Eitr Refinery is powered by Soft Tissue. Because of course it is. Thankfully you should have plenty of the stuff from mining black marble as this resource also comes from petrified bone. 

A word of warning before you start making Refined Eitr though: Don't build it anywhere near your base or anything you don't want destroyed.

The dangers of Refined Eitr 

Refined Eitr is volatile. If left unattended, it will start firing out small green bursts of firey magic in random directions. A few of these laying around—having just popped out of the Eitr Refinery, for example—won't do a lot of damage, but if you leave the refinery unattended and the resulting Refined Eitr is left to sit there uncollected, you run the risk of everything around it being destroyed.

Don't think you're immune to it either; it's just as likely to kill you as it is to demolish a sturdy building. Luckily, storing Refined Eitr in your inventory or in chests seems to get rid of its volatility.

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