Untitled Goose Game comes to Steam in September with a two-player co-op mode

The goose is headed to Steam, and it's not coming alone: Untitled Goose Game developer House House announced today that September 23 will see the release of the honk-'em-up on Steam, as well as the addition of a new two-player co-op mode for all platforms.

The update will add a new goose, with a new honk and the same horrible attitude. The entire game will be playable in co-op mode, enabling players to work together to pull off even more destructive, infuriating hijinks from start to finish.

The whole thing looks (and sounds) ridiculous, and to be fair it really is. But it's also very good at what it does, which is enabling people to play as a villain in a meaningful way. You're not evil, really, but you are a goose—and so while you're not out in the world blowing up buildings and murdering people, you do have a certain sort of genetic responsibility to steal things, make irritating noises, startle people, and chase them around their yards. It's the kind of villainy that most of us can get behind, because—let's be honest—they're the sorts of things we all wish we could do in real life without risk of getting arrested or punched out.

The double-gooser will be a free update on the Epic Games Store and consoles, and will be included with the Steam and Itch.io versions (it's headed there too) of Untitled Goose Game when they go live.

Andy Chalk

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