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The best Rocket League plays of previous weeks

Rocket League

The best Rocket League plays of the week: 11/08/2015

This week, technically, it's the best Rocket League plays of the last fortnight. Last week, Gamescom prevented me from rounding up the community's most jaw-dropping feats of skill. I returned from Germany with an inbox packed full of car-based wonderment. I've whittled those down to a slim selection of the toppest of the notch, and then thrown in a couple from Reddit for good measure.

A quick note: the site sometimes seems to struggle when multiple videos are embedded onto the page. If you're seeing any duplicates, that's probably why. Just refresh the page, and it usually sorts itself out. Also, if you can only see the top corner of a gfy, just hang tight. It usually resizes properly after a loop.

6. Eric

Kick-off is a chaotic and unpredictable time, and, as such, this is clearly more skill than luck. Still, what a bit of luck—getting demolished by your opponent, but forcing them to rise the ensuing shockwave all the way to an own goal.

5. Cobajonicle

What starts out as a premature celebration is transformed into some top showboating thanks to a generous helping of luck. Cobajonicle's opponents must be fuming.

4. Jamison

No mess; no fuss. Just good clean wall-riding, goal-scoring action. Lovely stuff.

3. DasReap

Flying reverse bicycle saves are a thing now. Update your playbooks.

2. Ben

Not the first save, but the second. 99 times out of 100, the two defending players would have crashed into each other in an unhelpful goal-conceding manner. Here, though, one player clips the other, pushing them in the path of the ball and ultimately knocking it away. That's what you call teamwork. Or a total fluke.

1. Robert

The clock has ticked its final tock, and both teams have three goals on the scoreboard. If the ball touches the ground, it's all over—and so Robert carries it on his roof, and flicks it into the goal.

Bonus round: Here's some MLG pro-skill to finish things off.

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