The best Rocket League plays of previous weeks

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The best Rocket League plays of the week: 28/07/2015

This week was a bit of a turning point for me in Rocket League, as, in my last match, I was able to score four whole goals. I'm not great, by any means, but I am now slightly less awful than when I started. I imagine it was a turning point for many of you, too, as my inbox has been filling up with yet more examples of exemplary skill. Here, once again, are the PC Gamer audience's best plays of the last week.

A quick note: the site sometimes seems to struggle when multiple videos are embedded onto the page. If you're seeing any duplicates, that's probably why. Just refresh the page, and it usually sorts itself out. Also, if you can only see the top corner of a gfy, just hang tight. It usually resizes properly after a loop.

9. Gerald

This was submitted with the caveat: "In case you decide to do a Hilarious Plays of the Week." I actually think it's more impressive than that. Keep an eye on Detroit in the clip, and the way he/she acts as an aggressive blocker. By bullying the defence, an otherwise simple clearance becomes a ridiculous goal.

8. Christian

This is astonishingly tight play that makes a fool of the defensive line. Bosh!

7. Graham

RPS managing editor—and former PCG editor—Graham Smith manages to flick the ball to the crossbar before booting it away. This doesn't bode well for the inevitable PCG vs RPS grudge match.

6. Baptiste

Note the title of the video. Yup, I can see why.

5. Daniel

Daniel sent through a whole bunch of shots and saves. I'm picking this one because it's an overtime clutch save with bonus team-barge move. This goal was also top draw.

4. Benjamin

Clairvoyance or pure luck? I'm not sure, but that was a near guaranteed goal denied by an amazing bit of anticipatory aerial play.

3. Greg

Fapjack? Whatever, this is a top quality long-range shot. The tight angle of its long descent almost guarantees a flummoxed defence. Sexy indeed.

2. Brandon

Similarly, here's a beautiful wall-poke-into-goal-mouth move from Brandon. That sounds so very wrong, but looks so very right. If cracking saves are your thing, Brandon's got you covered on that front too.

1. Stephen

A wonderful one-two attack that ends with a confident aerial kick. The defence don't know what to do.

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