The best Rocket League plays of previous weeks

Rocket League

The best Rocket League plays of the week: 14/07/2015

Rocket League is undoubtedly the game of the moment. It's both top of the Steam charts, and the proud recipient of a 87% review from this very site. It's a great competitive game—somehow able to mimic the skill and drama of actual football, but with tiny and surprisingly manoeuvrable rocket-powered cars. In celebration of the game's balletic motoring, I've picked out some of my favourite plays of the last seven days—as shared by Rocket League's community.

Here is a little music to accompany your browsing.

5. Cooly08

Two clips from 'Cooly08', but it's the first that contains the magic. A quick flip pushes the ball just beyond the other car's reach, allowing the nimble player to boost around for a final goal-scoring touch. It's an impressive demonstration of how to outfox your opponent.

4. OmegaCrit

Goals are all well and good, but a good save can be just as crucial. 'OmegaCrit' delivers not one, but three clutch saves in the last few seconds of a match. Expect the scouts to be all over this tenacious talent.

3. DoThatMakeSense

And while we're on the subject of keepers who just won't quit, here's 'DoThatMakeSense' with an absurd dive on an open goal. Not that it really matters in the grand context of this game—just look at the score at the top.

2. Rythes

It's 2-2 with 10 seconds to go and the ball hurtling towards a wide-open net. Somehow, 'Rythes' pulls off this last second save—giving the ball a cheeky flip away from danger. Remember: the whole of the ball needs to be over the whole of the line. And it very nearly was.

1. GlapLaw

That. Was a goal.

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