The best Rocket League plays of previous weeks

Rocket League

The best Rocket League plays of the week: 21/07/2015

Everyone's playing Rocket League. Chris is playing it behind me right now. I'd be playing it, but I have to write about Rocket League instead. I'd be lying if I said this was a tough job.

Below you'll find another week's worth of amazing plays. We've got gratuitous goals, sumptuous saves, and enough jumps, boosts and flicks to bring tears to the eyes of the most flexible of acrobats. This is car football as it was meant to be played.

6. Brandon

This would be higher up the rankings if I wasn't absolutely convinced it was a complete fluke. I mean, sure, there is a tactical element to kick-off, but often those tactics are lost in the mad dash to slam that ball. The video's title is "Trick Shot", but I suspect "Holy Shit, I Can't Believe That Actually Happened!" would be more accurate.

5. Anne

The more I play Rocket League, the more I appreciate the skill of a well-honed aerial attack. Anne's airborne boost is like a perfectly led sniper's bullet, intercepting the ball with a confidence that suggests inevitability.

4. Kevin

This is how you befuddle a defence. Kevin remains in total control throughout, with a one-two mid-air jump that perfectly guides the ball from wall to goal mouth.

3. 'Fyshokid'

Much like Anne's goal above, good aerial play is a thing to be admired. 'Fyshokid' takes things a step further by launching off from the ceiling. Frankly, we're just getting into show-off territory now.

2. 'futmaster420'

And now, a save. With two opponents bearing down on the ball, an equalizer seems almost certain. Not so. A tactical boost disables (with extreme prejudice) the two opponents. His work still not done, 'futmaster420' then swings around for a goal denying flick. Blaze it.

1. 'Craizinho'

The winning play of the week has a little bit of everything. The deft opening flick already shows skill—neatly denying an opposing goal. But then 'Craizinho' goes on an around-the-pitch tour, dribbling the ball off the wall before knocking it into the net. Sublime stuff.

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