Fry's Black Friday ad lists hand-crafted sandwich for nearly 75 percent off

You might be tempted to wait until Black Friday rolls around to buy a meal to ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck, but if your stomach just won't stop grumbling, head over to Fry's. While you're there, you can snag a delicious (presumably) sandwich for just $2.

Folks, that's a savings of $5.45 off the regular price! Even better, it comes with a surprisingly robust selection of meats—choose between black forest ham, turkey, or even roast beef.

According to the ad, this is a hand-crafted sandwich, not a mass-produced hoagie where the meat and veggie management is likely to be messy. And for $2! Normally it would be cheaper to build your own sandwich, but at this price, the pre-built beats the cost of ingredients if purchased separately, especially if you instruct Fry's to go heavy on the condiments.

Fry's Deli Sandwich | Hand Crafted | $2 (save $5.45)
This handcrafted deli sandwich comes in a choice of three different flavors—black forest ham, turkey, or roast beef. This normally sells for $7.45, so you're getting a heck of a deal. $2, Fry's

Unfortunately, this is an in-store only bargain. However, it's available now while supplies last (no rainchecks), except for Fry's locations in Manhattan Beach, Campbell, Fountain Valley, Woodland Hills, Arlington, and Dallas.

We're planning to review this model to see how it stacks up to the competition. Is it better than what you can get at Subway, or more boutique outfits like Jersey Mike's? Stay tuned!

Thanks to Reddit user clamyboy74 for the heads up.