Twitch Prime subscribers get more exclusive Fortnite cosmetics (Updated)

Update: Last month, Twitch opened up its Prime-subscribers-get-free-stuff initiative to Epic Games' Fortnite. This month, it's adding more.

So, on top of the Slipstream Gliders, Back Bling and Sub Commander outfits detailed in our original story below, Primers are in-line for an exclusive 'Battle Royale Instigator Pickaxe' which will feature in-game on Thursday, March 29. 

"We’re making the Twitch Prime Pack even better," says Twitch in this post. "Starting Thursday 3/29, we’re adding the Exclusive Battle Royale Instigator Pickaxe! And, to sweeten the pot, stay tuned in the coming weeks as we reveal even more Fortnite loot for Twitch Prime members."

Original story:

Having upped its get-free-stuff-for-signing up game of late, Twitch Prime now welcomes Fortnite into its complimentary fold. 

In partnership with Epic Games, subscribers to Twitch's premium service will now receive free cosmetics for Fornite Battle Royale, new heroes for its Save the World counterpart, and exclusive Twitch chat emojis.   

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Expect Slipstream Gliders and Back Bling and Sub Commander outfits and before it comes too obvious I'm reading this straight from a press release, let me defer to said press release.

Subscribers are in for this: 

  • Exclusive Battle Royale Havoc Outfit & Back Bling: Style on friend and foe with the Havoc outfit and his Back Bling.
  • Exclusive Battle Royale Sub Commander Outfit & Slipstream Glider: Navigate the battlefield in the Sub Commander Outfit and Slipstream Glider.
  • Exclusive Save the World Heroes: Even the mighty Smasher won't stand a chance against Havoc and Sub Commando Jonesy.
  • Exclusive Twitch Chat Emojis: Show your Fortnite pride with 4 exclusive Twitch chat emojis.

More information on all of that, as well as details on how to claim subscriber rewards, can be found this-a-way

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