Watch this Fortnite player quick scope from an airborne rocket to victory

The battle royale mode for Fortnite is getting jetpacks soon, which is great news because jetpacks improve everything. But does Fortnite actually need jetpacks? The game already lets you take flight, though only the most skilled (or lucky) will ever manage to do so.

During a recent livestream, Fortnite streamer BullNizzle managed to board a collaborator's airborne rocket and, while boarded, quick scope a nearby foe. If that makes no sense in text, well, here's the relevant play:

You don't need to have played Fortnite or even a shooter before to understand that this is absurdly good timing: both for the shooter of the rocket, and for BullNizzle's ability to both a) board it and b) snipe immediately after. But then, according to the Storm Shield One stats page, he has won 476 games, with 8443 total kills.