This massive 32-inch 1440p 165Hz Dell curved gaming monitor is on sale at Best Buy

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As Prime Day deals continue to drown us in a tsunami of deals, other retailers like Best Buy and Walmart have decided not to sit idly by. They too are looking for ways to attract people looking for PC gaming hardware with a sale of their own. Right now, this enormous curved 32-inch Dell S3220DGF HDR gaming monitor is on sale for $350.

This monitor normally lists for $450, we've seen it marked down as far as $400 but never low. The Dell S3220DGF sports a native resolution of 2560 x 1440, DisplayHDR 400, and FreeSync technology. Best Buy is even offering a price match on this monitor in case you find it cheaper elsewhere. 

Dell S3220DGF 32-inch Curved VA gaming monitor | $450 $349.99

Dell S3220DGF 32-inch Curved VA gaming monitor | $450 $349.99
The Dell S3220DGF is a highly versatile gaming monitor that gives you the size, resolution, and speed you want for under $500. 

That 1440p resolution at 165Hz is exactly where you want to be for PC gaming. The 32-inch VA panel is massive and bright while offering deep blacks and decent contrast. A nice gaming monitor if you managed to snag yourself on those fancy RTX 30-series cards

This monitor is actually what I use every day and what I love most about it is that it has five USB 3.0 ports which is pretty rare for a gaming monitor and it powers the irresponsible amount of devices I have on my desk.  It looks good too, which I guess is pretty important.  It is a VA panel so the response time is 4ms, which is a bit slower when compared to some newer IPS or TN panels.

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If you're in the market for a large curved gaming monitor that's versatile and has more USB ports than you reasonably need, the Dell S3220DGF has got strong 'add to cart' vibes. 

If this monitor deal isn't doing it for you, our Prime Day gaming monitor deals page should have something for you. We've been keeping track of all the killer deals in our Prime Day Deals hub.  

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