This iBuyPower gaming PC is $200 off for Prime Day

iBuyPower Slate 2 070iV2 deal
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The Amazon Prime Day Deals are almost here, and tucked away in a little niche with the other best gaming PCs, iBuyPower is cranking out sales on a handful of their prebuilts. The very naturally, intuitively named 070iV2 is currently $200 off, down to $900 at Amazon. Unfortunate name, solid machine.

At its core are a Pascal-in-Turing's-clothing GTX 1660 and an 8th-gen i7-8700, backed up by 16GB or DRAM and a solid storage combo (a 280GB boot/miscellaneous SSD and a 1TB HDD). This is a great machine to dive into 1440p gaming at respectable frame rates, or push one of the best gaming monitors up to its highest refresh rate at FHD. 

The best part is that this sale price pushes the 070iV2 under the cost it would take to build a similar machine (putting an analogous rig together at PCPartPicker landed me right around the $1,100 MSRP of this machine). Of course, the iBuyPower rig comes with some proprietary parts that you can't get elsewhere, as well as warranty coverage and the convenience of not having to build it yourself.

iBuyPower Slate 2 070iV2 gaming PC | $900 (save $200)

iBuyPower Slate 2 070iV2 gaming PC | $900 (save $200)
Grab a great QHD-ready gaming PC for less than it would cost you to put together yourself. With a GTX 1660, a Core-i7 8700, 16GB of RAM, a 280 SSD and 1TB HDD, the 070iV2 comes out of the box ready to manhandle triple-A titles at 1440p.

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