This compact case from Antec has a built-in logo projector

When it comes to gaming hardware, most of the time when there is a gimmicky feature, it involves RGB lighting. Not so with Antec's new P6 enclosure for small form factor (SFF) builds. This case has something we've never seen before—an integrated LED logo projector that beams the company's logo onto your desk.

We've never seen it up until now probably because nobody's ever asked for something like this. That didn't stop Antec from implementing it anyway, and where it goes from here is anyone's guess—we could see other case makers running with the idea and blasting RGB lighting effects or custom images onto desktops. We'll see. As for how it's implemented here, this is a closeup of the bottom of the case (press image, not our own):

Gimmicky lighting aside, the P6 is an intriguing case for smaller builds. The compact enclosure measures 410 x 195 x 380 mm (DxWxH) and supports micro-ATX and even smaller mini-ITX motherboards. Though you can't fit a standard ATX motherboard inside, the P6 does accommodate some larger and longer component options, including full-size graphics cards up to 390mm long. Clearances for the CPU cooler (height) and power supply (length) both check in at 160mm.

As is the trend recently, the P6 is another case with a tempered glass side panel to show off the guts of your PC. That means you'll want to take some extra time with cable management, which can be a little trickier in smaller cases.

For storage, the P6 has four 2.5-inch drive mounts and two 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive mounts. To keep the drives and everything else cool, the case offers space for two 120mm or 140mm fans in the front, three 120mm or two 140mm fans up top, and a single 120mm fan in the rear. (It comes with a 120mm LED fan already installed in the rear.) If you'd rather liquid cool, you can plop up to a 240mm radiator in the front, and of course swap out the rear fan for a 120mm radiator.

On the front bezel, Antec provides access to a pair of USB 3.0 ports, microphone and audio jacks, and power and reset buttons.

The P6 is available now for $65.

Paul Lilly

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