The Future Games Show returns March 23, featuring over 50 games

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The Future Games Show 2023 invites streamers to apply to become official partners of the show. Anyone can stream the show but to become an official partner, receive a special asset pack, plus a chance to be listed on Gamesradar+ as an official co-streaming partner, applications can be made through the Official Streaming Partner form.

The Future Games Show Spring Showcase returns this March with a game-stuffed lineup of some of year's most exciting titles, including Sega's upcoming Hyenas and The Expanse: A Telltale series. The show, which is being put together by our sister site GamesRadar+, will be broadcast on Thursday, March 23 at 3PM PDT / 6PM EDT / 10PM GMT, and hosted by... Cloud and Aerith?

Well kinda. Actors Briana White and Cody Christian played Aerith and Cloud respectively in the Final Fantasy VII Remake and will co-host the show, which features a mix of world premieres, developer interviews and exclusive content coming to consoles, PC, and VR. All told there will be over 50 games featured, as well as the debut of an all-new virtual set powered by Unreal Engine.

"We can’t wait to share our first broadcast of 2023 which combines a carefully curated mix of the most exciting and innovative upcoming multiplatform games," said Daniel Dawkins, content director of games at Future. "We’re making some small tweaks to our show format, with a new Ones to Play section focused on games with playable demos, and another new spotlight slot that we’ll be talking about in the coming weeks."

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When to Watch

Date: Thursday, March 23 at 3PM PDT / 6PM EDT / 10PM GMT
Streaming on: Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, GamesRadar and for the first time, TikTok

"I'm super excited to be hosting the Future Games Show Spring Showcase with Cody," said Briana White. "We can't wait to show you some awesome trailers and share news on the best upcoming games this year. Be sure to join us because it's going to be so much fun!"

The show will be broadcast on Thursday, March 23 starting at 3pm PDT/6pm EDT/10pm GMT on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, GamesRadar and for the first time, TikTok.

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