Super Mario Crossover 3.0 trailer celebrates third anniversary of the majestic Mario mashup

I don't think a trailer has ever made me quite so jubilant before, but the five-minute-long showcase for the 3.0 version of indie platforming mashup Super Mario Crossover took me right back to the glory days of Nintendo - mainly because nearly every character from the days of the NES and SNES has been wangled into the same remix game. It's a glorious celebration of everything Nintendo and copyright-infringing - you can even play as a tetromino, for Pajitnov's sake. In honor of the browser game's third anniversary, developers Exploding Rabbit are adding difficulty modes, as well as new characters and levels, including content from the obscure Super Mario Bros. Special. The update will hit sometime in May or June.

As IndieGames note, Exploding Rabbit (when they're not exploding rabbits) are currently working on their Kickstarter-funded platformer Super Retro Squad , which will be similar to Super Mario Crossover but with original characters in place of Mario, Luigi, Mega Man, Samus, Link, Thingy From Contra and the rest of the 8-bit gang. Now, put on your rose-tinted glasses and have a watch of this magnificent video.

Tom Sykes

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