Starfield truly beaten as player constructs faithful and ludicrously huge Star Destroyer after taking build limiters off: 'It's not practical at all but it was worth it'

A Star Destroyer clips through the terrain while parked in New Atlantis from Starfield.
(Image credit: DotElectronic7174 / Bethesda)

Wrap it up, people; Starfield has been solved. You can put away your dinky ships, your Ebon Hawks, and your Serenities, because someone has finally fulfilled what must, I think, be the game's true purpose: creating a flyable Star Destroyer the size of Connecticut.

As spotted by GamesRadar, DotElectronic7174's Starfield Star Destroyer must be the pinnacle of the craft. Other players, naturally, have tried their hand at recreating the iconic imperial ship from the Star Wars films in Starfield since day 1, but this is the most impressive one I've seen yet. 

My Version of a Star Destroyer from r/StarfieldShips

DotElectronic's Star Destroyer is absolutely enormous and absolutely faithful to the vision of the ships we see in the original films. It just is a Star Destroyer, not a Starfield ship that looks uncannily like one, which is quite an achievement for a ship whose builder says it only required "some console commands and the unrestricted ship builder trainer," which removes restrictions on things like ship size.

Those restrictions exist for a reason, mind you: DotElectronic posted a screenshot of their magnum opus docked happily in New Atlantis. Kind of happily, anyway. The entire rear section is occupying an area of the land traditionally taken up by some warehouses, and the front section has fatally speared an air traffic control tower, but no one seems particularly upset by it.

"The thing is slow and some of the turrets sometimes bug out and stop firing," said DotElectronic. "It's not practical at all but it was worth it." The player says the ship runs absolutely fine once they're flying it around in the game proper, but it does have the nasty tendency of dropping the framerate down to 15 fps in the ship builder itself. But sacrifices have to be made, don't they?

DotElectronic has received plenty of plaudits on Reddit. "This is the best Star Destroyer I've seen so far," said a user named Mr-Grieves138 in the thread's top-rated comment. Another, RushBoomtackle, wrote "That’s not your version of a Star Destroyer. That’s just a Star Destroyer. You have your own Star Destroyer. I'm jealous."

As someone still pootling around in the Mantis Razorleaf ship, I'm jealous too, but I also know I don't have anywhere near the level of dedication required to assemble something like this myself. I suppose I'll just have to content myself with looking on in awe at other players' creations, and hey, at least I can park my ship without wiping out a small town. 


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