How to complete the Chamber of Reason in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Reason - Cal is stood on a broken metal bridge, looking towards the entrance of the Chamber of Reason
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The Chamber of Reason is one of the first High Republic Chambers you can find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It's located in the Basalt Rift on Koboh, and just like the chamber that unlocks perks that you must complete to continue the story, the Chamber of Reason has its own puzzle you'll need to solve in order to grab the reward.

You can complete the Chamber of Reason as soon as you discover it, which is when you're on your way to the Forest Array for the first time. Of course, if you're in a hurry to progress through the story a little more and unlock mounts or the rooftop garden, nothing stops you from returning to it later. If you want to push on, though, here's how to complete the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Reason. 

How to complete the Chamber of Reason 

From the Basalt Rift meditation, head down the slope and across the bridge to your left and keep heading in that direction. Hop over the fallen stone columns and look for the metal bridge with a gap to your right. Use the force to grab the rope and swing to the other side.

Head inside and take the elevator down. At the bottom, you'll find a large room with several levels and a rope to your left, so use the rope to climb down. Drop to the very bottom to find an orb holder—the orb itself can be found further ahead in an alcove—and a lever. Pull the lever to move the orb holder, grab the orb using the force, and place it to unlock a bridge to the opposite side of the room. Two purple beams will also appear, running parallel to it on the left.

Cross the bridge and look for the broken wall to your right at the end. Use the force to break it and reveal another orb. Grab it then head back across the bridge and pull the lever again to move the bridge to the left. Still holding the spare orb, cross the bridge to find a Sense Echo and a small lift that takes you up a level. There's another Sense Echo up at the top, as well as a lever and another orb holder. 

The bridge the second orb creates up here is unstable, so use the lever to move the bridge to the right. Start across it and look down to the right where you used the first orb. Use the force to grab it, then continue across the bridge and drop it in another orb holder. Cross the newly-formed bridge to grab the Sense Echo at the end, then return and use the lever. The platform you're on will now rise up to the next level, and if you cross the bridge and explore, you'll find another Sense Echo and a Datadisc

Return to the platform with the bridge and lever and pick up the orb—the bridge will disappear, so be careful. Look up towards the wall and aim the orb through the glowing yellow hole in the wall. This deactivates the barriers blocking entry to a nearby room. Head through the doorway in the wall behind you and follow it around to the left to find a room with a chest. Collect the Diligence Emitter, then, making sure you're outside the place where the barriers were raised, grab the orb and head back to the platform.

Now take the orb and throw it over to the holder on the opposite side, making sure the line turns purple before you release it. Once the bridge forms, cross over and claim the Dexterity perk. Lastly, pull the lever on the wall to create a bridge that takes you back to the entrance. 

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