Snap up this 1ms BenQ 4K HDR gaming monitor for the cheapest its ever been

Snap up this 4K HDR gaming monitor for the cheapest its ever been

In the mood for some of the best pictures going for your games? Then this deal might be a very appealing and purchase-worthy one for you. The Benq EL287OU—a 4K, HDR, 28-inch gaming monitor—is down to its lowest price ever at $347.99 at Amazon right now .  

On top of that glorious 4K resolution and HDR colour tech, you'll get some decent gaming specs too, especially well showcased paired with the best graphics cards: there's a 1ms response time, FreeSync, and some built-in adjustments for colour depending on what's on screen. Indeed, you would have to trade off a bit of speed to get all the other benefits and glories, but at 60Hz it is still respectable and would certainly be enough for those of us not too fussed about fast online or competitive play and prefer the best image quality and colours on offer.

BenQ EL287OU | TN | 60Hz | 4K | 1ms | 28-inch | $347.99 (save $50)

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">BenQ EL287OU | TN | 60Hz | 4K | 1ms | 28-inch | $347.99 (save $50)
A very attractive price tag for a very attractive gaming monitor. Get 4K gaming into your life now with this panel from Amazon.

While the likes of Asus, Acer and Alienware hog the headlines for gaming monitors, Benq has quietly gone about its business make high-quality monitors that  are excellent gaming panels, while sometimes possessing the ability to be just as excellent for every day and creative use. Yes, they won't have everything turned up to 11—that's the realm of the super expensive—but if you're after a gaming monitor that'll give you some of the finest pictures currently available, this is a worthy contender.

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