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Seagate is prepping a 2.5-inch Barracuda SSD for an Amazon Prime Day debut

Seagate hasn't been all that active in the solid state drive space, at least in the consumer sector, with most of its SSD efforts focused on the enterprise market. Apparently that is about to change. The storage maker is releasing a new Barracuda SSD that it will market alongside its Firecuda drives.

The Barracuda SSD is a different animal, though. It's an actual SSD, whereas Firecuda drives are solid state hard drive (SSHD) solutions—basically a mechanical hard drive with an SSD buffer to speed up read and write operations of frequently accessed programs.

Seagate will offer its Barracuda SSDs in four capacities, including 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB, each backed by a five-year warranty. These are 2.5-inch SATA drives, even though Seagate has experience with M.2 form factor NVMe SSDs in the enterprise space.

It's not clear if performance will vary by model. Seagate also didn't share any details on the type of NAND flash memory chips it's using (probably 3D TLC) or what type of controller is underneath the hood.

For now, Seagate only indicates that the Barracuda SSD line as a whole is rated to deliver up to 540MB/s of sequential read and 520MB/s of sequential write performance. Those are in the upper echelon of SATA SSDs.

According to information obtained by Storage Review, these new SSDs will be exclusively available through Amazon during its 36-hour Prime Day 2018 event that kicks off July 16. After that, they will be more widely available in September. There's no mention of price.

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