Roccat's Khan Pro headset with hi-res audio certification is now available

Roccat announced at the end of July that its Khan Pro stereo gaming headset was the first in the world to receive hi-res audio certification, a curious claim but one the company is hanging its hat on in hopes of selling a ton of these things. We haven't had a chance to test drive one ourselves yet, but if you've been waiting for the Khan Pro, it's now available, priced at $100.

So where does the certification come from? Roccat tells us the Japan Audio Society issued the badge. You can review the requirements here, and the application process here. There is some fine print at the bottom of the application page indicating that JAS and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) are jointly promoting the hi-res audio logo, but the CTA doesn't certify products as such—CTA confirmed this with us back in July.

Hi-res certification aside, the Khan Pro is being marketed as a "super light" headset for esports. It weighs 230g, "by far the lightest among gaming headsets," and uses memory foam earpads for comfort, steel sliders for durability, and 95-degree rotatable hinges to accommodate different head sizes.

The Khan Pro is equipped with 50mm drivers with a frequency range of 40Hz to 40kHz. For chatting, it has a microphone that is rated to pick up frequencies from 100Hz to 10kHz.

"The Khan Pro also features a real-voice mic, offering the most natural voice transmission deliverable in a gaming headset. The microphone of the Khan Pro can pick up lower frequencies than competitors in its class. This expanded spectrum makes the human voice sound as natural as possible on a gaming headset, optimizing team communication like never before, and ensuring commands and callouts are crystal clear," Roccat says.

You can purchase the Khan Pro direct from Roccat or at online vendors such as Amazon and Newegg. It is available in black, white, and gray color options.

Paul Lilly

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