Roccat announces a $100 headset that is first to be hi-res certified

Gaming peripheral maker is in full gloat mode over its new Khan Pro stereo gaming headset being in the first one in the world to receive hi-res audio certification, though from where we're not sure (the Consumer Technology Association confirmed to us that it does not certify any products as being hi-res audio).

The Khan Pro has a frequency range of 20Hz to 40kHz powered by 50mm drivers. We have not had a chance to sample this headset ourselves, though if you want to take Roccat at its word, the Khan Pro is tuned to deliver great audio performance through the entire audio spectrum (highs, mids, and lows). Not that we would expect a company to say otherwise about its own audio gear.

Roccat also talks up the microphone performance, noting that it can pick up frequencies ranging from 100Hz to 10kHz.

"This expanded spectrum makes the human voice sound as natural as possible on a gaming headset, optimizing team communication like never before, ensuring commands and callouts are crystal clear," Roccat says.

As for build quality and comfort, the Khan Pro is fairly light at 230g. It uses memory foam earpads, steel sliders, and 95-degree rotatable hinges to accommodate different head sizes. Volume control and a microphone mute auto-mute button are found on one of the earcups.

The Khan Pro will be available in October. Buyers will be able to choose between black, white, and gray color options.

Paul Lilly

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