How to release Slurp into the atmosphere in Fortnite

release slurp into the atmosphere fortnite
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Want to know how to release Slurp into the atmosphere in Fortnite? The game's XP Xtravaganza continues on with a batch of new challenges. This week, you've got a fairly easy challenge once you know where to look, so I've whipped up this guide to show you where to go and how to do so.

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Fortnite: Release Slurp into the atmosphere - Where to go

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You want to head to the Slurp Factory in Slurpy Swamp. For this challenge, you need to destroy two Slurp towers, three Slurp barrels, and one Slurp truck. All of these are thankfully at Slurpy Swamp.

Slurp tower location: On the north edge of the main facility, you'll see two silos of Slurp juice standing next to each other. Bash or shoot them to release the Slurp into the atmosphere.

Slurp barrels location: Head east of the Slurp towers, and on the walkway of the northeast side of the facility you'll find three Slurp barrels. In theory, any Slurp barrels should work, so just roam around the area to find more if needed.

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Slurp truck location: On the road leading east out of the area, you'll see a truck pulling a tanker full of Slurp juice.

That's that. For your trouble, you'll get a heaping helping of XP.

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