Razer's new hybrid headsets are RGB free

Razer Barracuda Pro
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The RGB notorious PC gaming brand Razer has just announced a new series of headsets to join its Barracuda line-up. The new headsets include the Barracuda Pro, Barracuda, and a refreshed version of the Barracuda X. The three new offerings present a unified look, which feels a bit more at home with street stylings. They're sleek, black, and appear to be completely RGB free.

This is because each of these wireless headsets is marketed as a hybrid solution. They're not just for connecting to your PC via the 2.4GHz wireless dongle, they also work over Bluetooth. 

We've seen an increase in gamer headsets taking this route recently, and given how good the sound can be on them these days it makes a tonne of sense. With these toned down style options on the Barracuda series, they certainly look like headsets that would be at home on the train as well as in front of your gaming rig.

The priciest of the bunch is the Barracuda Pro which is available for retail in the US for $249.99 USD and will be out soon in Australia for $439.95 AUD. It has additional features like active noise cancellation as well as THX's premium Achromatic Audio Amplifier technology, and leatherette memory foam cushions. The Barracuda Pro looks as though it's going to compete with the likes of the excellent Epos H3Pro Hybrid when it comes to use cases and quality.

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The Barracuda Pro also boasts THX Spatial Audio, dual integrated noise-cancelling microphones, and a 40 hour battery life, all of which it shares with the middle Barracuda model. Considerably cheaper sitting at $159.99 USD or $279.95 AUD, the standard Barracuda still looks like a solid gaming headset, but without some of those extra fancy bells and whistles.

The most budget friendly of the lot is the Barracuda X. This one feels a lot more like your standard PC gamer headset, which makes sense at the $99.99 USD/$169.95 AUD price point. The Barracuda X has a removable mic and 7.1 surround sound, but also offers an extra 10 hours of battery life over the other models.

Razer's Blackshark V2 Pro is our favourite wireless gaming headset when it comes to pure audio, so we're hopeful for what this new Barracuda lineup can offer gamers from a hybrid perspective.

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