Planet Zoo Easter cheats give everyone balloons and make animals 'super fluffy'

(Image credit: Frontier)

The Planet Zoo developers are celebrating Easter by introducing four cheat codes that make your park a little bit weirder. 

You can increase animals' fluffiness to make them look like they've been over inflated. You can also give every park visitor a ballon and make them all release the balloons into the sky at the same time. There's also a physics cheat that lets you click on "physics enrichment items" to make them bounce around. Finally, there's one that causes mating animals to spawn tiny love hearts. Aw.

Here's what you need to do to activate each cheat.

Balloon cheat
Change guest name to "SelenaM" to give every visitor a balloon. Change guest name to "JayC" to make every guest release their balloon.

Physics cheat
Change animal name to "DaveBamber" to let you poke at physics objects with your mouse.

Floof cheat
Change animal name to "MeggieB" to fluff them up.

Hearts cheat
Call any habitat animal "MontseC" to cause hearts to spawn when animals mate. Call any habitat animal "MontseC" again to turn the hearts off.

This free seasonal update arrives alongside Planet Zoo's South America DLC, which adds new animals and hundreds of scenery pieces. If you own that pack, you can use the cheats up to floof up an anteater. Wouldn't that be fun? 

Here are a few screens showing the cheats in action.

(Image credit: Frontier)

(Image credit: Frontier)

(Image credit: Frontier)

(Image credit: Frontier)
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