Skyrim console commands: cheats for an unbeatable Dragonborn

Skyrim console commands - a massive Dragonborn, embiggened by the setscale console command, crouches with surprising subtlety behind an unsuspecting Whiterun farmer.
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Questing for Skyrim console commands to help explore the land of the Nords? You may dream of Bleak Falls Barrow each night, but have you shapechanged into a giant to stomp around Whiterun while screaming townsfolk scurry underfoot? Have you leapt into the skies and flown from Riften to Winterhold just to take in the view of a freshly created aurora? Have you masterfully crafted a personal throne out of thousands of wheels of cheese, or just spread holiday cheer as Skyrim's very own Santa Claus

Skyrim console commands make all of these shenanigans ready to go at your fingertips. And more everyday useful things in case you're the more practical sort, like making yourself invincible, leveling up annoying skills, or just unlocking that key treasure chest when you've broken the last of your lockpicks. All good thieves are experienced at bending the rules from time to time, after all.

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Here's how it's done:

How to use Skyrim console commands

To enable the console, just hit the tilde (~) key and enter one of the appropriate codes, which are listed below. You can turn on more than one in a row, so you can become invincible, fly, and teleport all at the same time.

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Be warned, some of these console commands may cause glitches, problems, or crashes, so it's definitely worth saving your game first. You don't want to make some change and get stuck with it.

Many of these console commands require specifying an NPC or item or place with a reference number. If you're specifying an item or NPC in front of you, click on them while you've brought up the console to get their code immediately. Otherwise, here's a quick cheat sheet of reference pages where you can find those codes. Remember, CTRL+F is your friend! 

Most useful Skyrim console commands

While we've listed the full range of Skyrim's console commands further below, these commands are probably the ones you're looking for if you're in need of some quick Skyrim cheat codes.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
tgmEnables God Mode, making you invulnerable and giving you infinite stamina and magicka.
tclToggles collision, putting you in a no-clip state where you can fly around and move through the environment.
unlockUnlocks selected door or chest.
tcaiToggles NPC combat AI, making all NPCs passive.
tdetectToggles the ability for NPCs to witness your crimes. They'll still get upset if you fail to pickpocket them.
player.additem [Item ID] [#]Adds item to player inventory. For example: "player.additem 0000000f 1000" adds 1000 gold.
player.modav carryweight [#]Sets your maximum carry weight to specified amount.
player.advskill [skill] [#]Level up skill by adding skill experience. Replace [skill] with the skill you want to advance, and [#] with the amount of experience you want to add. You'll need numbers in the thousands to actually make the score go up. Skills are specified via their in-game names, apart from Archery, which is "Marksman," and Speech, which is "Speechcraft."
incpcs [skill]Level up skill to the next level. Not as fast as using player.advskill and adding 9999 experience at a time, but more fine-grained.
player.setcrimegold [#]Sets your current bounty level. Set to 0 to clear your bounty.
player.placeatme [Item/NPC ID] [#]Spawns desired number of specified NPC or item at your location.

Toggled Skyrim console commands

Toggle commands for Skyrim turn various game features off or on. You can turn off the UI for taking great screenshots or turn off detection from NPCs to make yourself the perfect thief.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
tgmGood ol' God Mode—enables invulnerability to all damage
tclEnables noclip, which disables collision with the environment so you can move through anything.
tmToggles all in-game menus; good for screenshots. Note that this also hides the console commands menu, meaning you'll have to type it again without being able to see the console.
tmm [0/1]Followed by 0 or 1 turns all map markers on or off.
tfc [1]Toggle flycam, detaching the camera from the player character. Great for screenshots. Follow it with a 1 to pause.
taiToggles AI on and off, which means NPCs won't interact with you, or do anything at all.
tcaiTurns combat AI on or off, turning dragons into placid beasts who act like you aren't there.
tdetectDisables NPC ability to detect your crimes by sight. They'll still catch you pickpocketing, though.
tfowTurns off the fog of war on your local map, filling it in completely.

Skyrim console commands - A wintery landscape in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Skyrim player console commands

Skyrim player cheats can set different values for your Dragonborn. You can change your level, your face, your carry weight, and a bunch of other things. For commands that require an item or NPC ID, check our linked lists above.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
psbAdds every shout and spell to your spellbook (including developer and placeholder spells, adding a lot of clutter).
player.advlevelAdvance one level without gaining a perk.
showracemenuBring up the character creation menu to adjust the way your character looks. If you alter your race this will reset your level and skills, but any other change is safe.
AdvSkill [skill] [#]Adds skill experience. "skill" is the skill you want to advance, and # is the amount you want to add. Skills are input via their in-game names without spaces, apart from Archery which is "Marksman", and Speech, which is known as "Speechcraft".
player.additem [Item ID] [#]Adds a specified item to your inventory.
player.additem f [#]Adds gold to your inventory. Replace # with desired amount.
player.additem 0000000a [#]Adds lockpicks to inventory. Replace # with desired amount.
addshout [Shout ID]Adds specified shout to player's ability list.
player.setcrimegold [#]Adjust player's bounty level. Set to 0 to remove bounty entirely.
player.setlevel [#]Up or down your player level as you see fit.
player.setav speedmult [#]Set player speed multiplier. Set this number to anything more than 100 to speed up movement.
player.modav carryweight [#]Sets your maximum carry weight to desired amount.
player.setav health [#]Sets your max health level.
sexchangeChange your character's gender.
player.placeatme [Item/NPC ID] [#]Use this to spawn NPCs and monsters at your location. Just replace actor/object ID with a Base ID (not a Ref ID). Note that this command spawns new creatures, rather than moving old ones, so if you use it on an NPC, you'll clone them.
player.moveto [NPC Ref ID]Use this to move yourself next to an NPC. Use the Ref ID (not the Base ID), the opposite of placeatme.
setrelationshiprank [ID] [#]Select two NPCs and set the relationship between them, the values range from 4 (lover) to -4 (archnemesis).
player.setscale [#]Changes the size of the player or NPC. You start out at level one, which is normal sized, while zero is small. It goes all the way up to an absurdly huge ten.
player.drop [Item ID] [#]Forces the player to drop items, even usually undroppable quest items. Try just 'drop' to drop absolutely everything you're carrying.
coc [Cell ID]Teleports you to any specified cell in the world.

Targeted Skyrim console commands

Targeted Skyrim commands will have an effect on an NPC or item that you select. They're perfect for unlocking chests, instakilling enemies, and bringing them back to life again.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
unlockUnlocks selected door or chest.
lock [#]Locks selected door or chest (or NPC?), with a difficulty from 1-100.
killInstantly kills selected NPC. Important NPCs will be knocked unconscious.
resurrectResurrect targeted corpse. Follow the command with a 1 to resurrect them with all items intact.
removeallitemsTarget a character and type this and you'll get all their items—including their clothes and equipment.
addtofaction [Faction ID] [#]Click on an NPC and use this command to add them to a faction. It's not just about Stormcloaks and Imperials though. Using 0005C84D will add a character to the follower faction, giving them the necessary dialogue to join you, while 00019809 will add them to the 'potential spouse' faction, allowing you to marry them. Doesn’t work on NPCs with unique voices.
disableMakes targeted NPC invisible, disables their collisions, and prevents AI from interacting with them.
enableUndoes the effects of the Disable command. Disabling and then Enabling your follower will reset them to your current level, which is a handy way of making sure they stay useful in combat.
setessential [NPC ID] [0/1]Sets an NPCs essential status. "0" means they'll die when their HP hits 0. "1" means they'll go unconscious. Useful for keeping cherished NPCs alive, but be careful with making important NPCs killable.
setownership [Item ID]This command sets you as the owner of the targeted item, letting you pick it up without stealing.
unequipitem [Item ID]Forces an NPC to unequip specified item.
dispelallspellsDispels all spell effects on the target NPC.
MarkForDeletePermanently removes selected item when current area is reloaded.

Quest-related Skyrim console commands

Skyrim quest commands can help you get around bugged issues in quests by automatically getting yourself to the next quest state or just let you cheat by moving directly to your next objective.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
caqsAutomatically complete all the stages of every quest. Perfect if you hate playing games.
movetoqt [Quest ID]Teleports you directly to your quest target.
setstage [Quest ID] [Stage #]This allows you to move the quests you're playing back to a prior stage or forward to a new one. Useful if you've somehow broken it by murdering the wrong NPC. has a useful list of quests, along with IDs and stages.

Other Skyrim console commands

These are all of the odds and ends of Skyrim console commands. Do make sure you try out that secret developer room with all the toys.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
csbClears the annoying drops of blood that linger on the screen after fights.
helpLists every single console command.
coc qasmokeTeleports you to Bethesda's debug room with every in-game item. It might take a while to load—there are thousands of items here. Type "coc Riverwood" (or any other location) to return to the game.
qqqQuit the game without having to go through any of those pesky menus.
fov [#]Sets your field of view. The maximum is 180.
set timescale to [#]This defaults at 20. Drop it to 1 for real-time Skyrim, up it to experience crazy timelapse-style Skyrim.
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