PC Gamer UK Podcast 44: The Lost Podcat

Wet and shivering, the lost podcat scurries into the warm glow of your RSS feed. We know, it's been two and a bit months. We are sorry. To make up for it, here's the podcast we recorded at the same time as the Team Fortress 2 special but never got around to putting up. We'll also have a new and shiny one for you within the week, when our regular podding will resume.

Rich explains what's new in Dragon Age 2, and tries to excuse BioWare using the term 'hotrodding the art style'. Tim's seen Relic's Warhammer 40K shooter, Space Marine, and has lots of good things to say about Company of Heroes Online. Craig actually talks about a strategy game for the first time ever, and it's one in which 'raise the GDP of China' is a mission objective. Meanwhile Tom - hello - explains the brutal difficulty of trying to bake 300 loaves in Stronghold while stalking mounted archers with your slow but unstoppable terminator king.

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