PC Gamer Chat Log Episode 65: GG, it's the poggers gamer slang episode

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Hey PC gamers, welcome back to the PC Gamer Chat Log podcast! We're officially on the other side of Summer Game Fest shenanigans, and the team is feeling pretty dang tired. Not only did we bring a ton of neat SGF coverage from the weekend, we've also been hard at work on the PC Gaming Show over the last few months, and it finally aired on Sunday! We hope you enjoyed what we had to show off.

While we take a bit of time to recover from announcement madness before we talk about it on the podcast (spoiler alert, that's next week's episode!) let's party up with Robin Valentine and talk all about gamer slang. He recently compiled a fantastic article that lists a whole bunch of gaming words and their meaning, which you should go and read before you listen!

If you're anything like me, you'll have found that bizarre little gaming terminology and acronyms have somehow found their way into your everyday vocabulary. Even if they haven't, you've no doubt typed some ridiculous words like "gank" or "nerf" at least once in your gaming career. Or maybe even a sentence like "Crosscut DP into FADC Plink combo." Words that certainly aren't in the bible and, to people who don't play games (or maybe even don't play a particular genre) sound like total gibberish.

We'll be talking all about them today, like which words have seeped into our vocabulary and which ones we think have fallen out of fashion. Make sure to pop over to the PC Gamer forums and share some of your own gaming slang favourites. We'll have a thread set up about this week's episode, and Lauren and I will be joining in on the discussion, too.

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Where did all our gaming slang actually come from? - YouTube Where did all our gaming slang actually come from? - YouTube
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Don't forget to check us out over on the PC Gamer forums, too! We'll be checking in every week to see what you lovely lot have to say about each week's episode, and joining in the discussion ourselves.

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