Minecraft's DuckTales crossover would make Scrooge McDuck proud

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DuckTales, the 1990s cartoon about a capitalist duck and his adventurous grandnephews, is now three seasons deep into a 21st century reboot. I haven't watched it—I'm an adult—but I have lately played the excellent DuckTales Remastered, thanks to its recent Steam delisting. But never fear if you missed that revamped classic, because now there's another way to spend some time with Scrooge McDuck and co: in Minecraft.

It comes in the form of the Ducktales mash-up pack, which is available on the Minecraft Marketplace now. The included map features all the places you'd expect (I guess): Duckburg, McDuck Manor, and places like Pyramid of Toth-Ra and Mount Neverrest. There are character skins for McDuck as well as Huey, Dewey and Louie, and on top of that there are 30 others, including Webby, Gizmoduck and Darkwing Duck. All the ducks, basically.

The map boasts "two hair-raising storylines" full of quests, as well as 50 collectibles which, so says the blogpost, can be displayed in the McDuck trophy room or the greedy Scottish hoarder's famed money bin. It's on the Minecraft Marketplace for 1340 coins.

There's a video below to whet your appetite. It's the latest in a recent trend of Disney / Minecraft crossovers: Pirates of the Caribbean and Toy Story being the most recent.


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