DuckTales: Remastered is being removed from digital storefronts

(Image credit: Capcom)

Everybody was excited about DuckTales: Remastered, the 2013 update of the hit NES platformer from 1998, until it actually arrived and we all learned an important lesson about nostalgia. It wasn't bad, really, just a little too faithful to its roots—"very much a 24-year-old game," we said in our review—yet lacking the touches that would enable players to enjoy the game as it really was, like an 8-bit mode or the original soundtrack.

If you haven't tried it yet, you'll probably want to get to it very quickly, for two reasons. One, it's currently on sale on Steam for $4/£3/€3.50, which is a pretty great price. And two, at 4:59 pm PT (or thereabouts) on August 8—two days from today—it's being removed from sale.

Disc-based versions of DuckTales: Remastered will continue to work as they always have (although that's probably more relevant to console versions of the game) and if you've purchased it digitally already, you'll still be able to download it after it's delisted. As for why it's being delisted, Capcom didn't say, but I'd guess that it has something to do with expiring license deals.

I've emailed Capcom to ask why the remastered tales of the duck are going away and I'll let you know if and when I receive a reply. In the meantime, Steam says the promotional price is good until August 10 but remember—August 8 is the hard deadline.

Andy Chalk

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