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Everything we know about Wardens in Minecraft

The Minecraft Warden mob
(Image credit: Microsoft)
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Looking for more info on the upcoming Minecraft Warden mob? Revealed during Minecraft Live 2020, they were originally planned to arrive in the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update, later expected in the second half of that update. Wardens have now been pushed back to the 1.19 Wild Update coming in 2022. That same update will be bringing lots of other Warden-related blocks and the full Deep Dark biome. 

The Wild Update also adds new mobs, with one in particular set to become the game's most powerful yet. Known as the Warden, this new mob sports a terrifying design, wearing a massive horned helmet and with a visible heartbeat pulsing in its chest. If you want a rundown of this formidable new adversary, you've come to the right place. Here’s everything we know about Minecraft Wardens as they prepare to stalk you in the shadows.

Where can the Minecraft Warden mob be found?

Wardens spawn exclusively in the new 'Deep Dark' biome, located far down in Minecraft’s subterranean caverns. This biome also introduces Sculk Sensors, a wireless type of redstone block that tracks vibrations around it, triggering other nearby sensors. As you can imagine, these are useful in a place where light is at a premium. Indeed, a Warden’s presence will cause light sources to flicker, so if you’ve got torches set up, you’ll know when one’s nearby.

What type of mob are they?

Wardens are hostile, but have a unique disadvantage in that they cannot see; They are Minecraft’s first ever blind mob. Don’t think this makes them any less deadly, though. Although they cannot see you, Wardens have Sculk Sensors on their head, meaning they can hear you. Once they sense your presence, they’ll begin to track you.  

If you don’t fancy a fight in the Deep Dark, you can try to sneak past them, negating your movement sounds. Projectiles that make a noise can also be used as a distraction, as Wardens will follow the sound. All this lends an element of tactical stealth to navigating the Deep Dark.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

How dangerous are they?

Wardens’ damage and health stats are currently unknown, but we can make educated guesses. During the Minecraft Live 2020 demo, a Minecraft Warden is seen attacking the player, landing 13 damage in a single hit despite the player wearing full Minecraft Netherite armour. A second hit kills the player.

Considering Netherite is used to make Minecraft’s toughest armour set, that makes Wardens the strongest mob we’ve ever seen, dealing more damage than Iron Golems. Based off the player’s attacks against the Warden, we can also calculate they hold over 85 health. 

Attacking a Warden will cause them to lock onto you, moving at a quicker pace than before. Distractions will also no longer work once a Warden is alerted, so if you plan on fighting them, proceed with extreme caution and ensure you have an escape route in place.