Marvel's Avengers will get its gameplay reveal at San Diego Comic-Con

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Marvel's Avengers, Crystal Dynamics' third-person action game, was only shown off behind closed doors during E3, leaving everyone else with an utterly forgettable cinematic instead. The first public gameplay reveal is coming soon, however, though the definition of 'public' is being stretched a little bit. 

At San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel is hosting a games panel that will show off footage from Marvel's Avengers along with the announcement of new details. Unfortunately, it looks like you'll need to be one of the few crammed into the hall to see it. Read the listing below. 

"Join Shaun Escayg, creative director at Crystal Dynamics, and the performance cast of Marvel’s Avengers for a special presentation that will include new information and the first public gameplay reveal for Hall H attendees only."

The footage will probably be released into the wild eventually, but this certainly makes it sounds like we won't be getting a livestream or watching it from the comfort of our homes during SDCC. If it's the same demo that was shown to press at E3, however, you're not really missing out on that much. 

"It sounds ambitious, but what I saw at E3 doesn't really hint at that ambition," Samuel wrote in his Avengers preview. "It just looks like a short slice of a decent enough third-person action game that happens to feature multiple characters."

SDCC runs from July 18 to July 21, and the Marvel games panel kicks off at 1:30 pm PT on July 18. 

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