Logitech's G700s gaming mouse is on sale for $40

If you're looking for a wireless mouse built specifically for gaming, Logitech's G700s might already be on your radar. Either way, it's on sale at Amazon for $40, down from its $100 retail price.

Most vendors don't charge the full retail price—Newegg has it listed for around $70 via third-party sellers while Overstock has it for $73 and change. It's also on clearance at Best Buy for $50, though Amazon's sale price is still the lowest around.

Lag is the big concern when it comes to wireless mice, though Logitech promises full-speed 1ms performance from the G700s, with 1,000 data reports per second in wireless mode.

The G700s can also be plugged in to operate in USB mode while it recharges. It uses a quick-connect design to switch from wireless to wired (or vice versa) without much fussing.

Users can adjust the sensor from 200-8,200 dpi. The mouse also features 13 programmable buttons including a dual-mode scroll wheel, slick feet, LED lighting, and onboard memory to save your settings.

The Logitech G700s on sale here. Also be sure to check out our picks for the best wireless gaming mice.

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Paul Lilly

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