Logitech's G560 surround sound system—our favorite PC speaker set—is at its lowest ever UK price

Logitech's G560 surround sound system—our favorite PC speaker—is at its lowest ever UK price
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For any of you looking to get a reliable sound system, or upgrade a dated one, we have a deal that will bring music to your ears (sorry): Amazon UK is selling the Logitech G560 speaker set at £140. This is the system's lowest ever UK price. Sounds good, right? (Sorry, not sorry.)

The system delivers a vast soundscape of audio that will really enhance an immersive gaming experience, while also executing 3D positional audio to enable you to hear and analyse your environment from all angles. The two 2.5" driver satellite speakers and the big down-facing 6.5" driver-powered subwoofer will produce the clearest of audio at all ranges and levels, and have built-in DTS:X surround sound. You'll also be able to connect up to four devices to the sound system through Bluetooth, USB or 3.5mm audio connection. It’s even got some fun RGB lights that will change with your game’s audio. All in, it’s a great price for a fine surround sound system, and currently tops our list of the best computer speakers.

Logitech G560 surround sound system | £140 (save 33%)

Logitech G560 surround sound system | £140 (save 33%)
You're getting £69 off these speakers, which is a good deal. They're loud, clear, and feature tech that feels very sympathetic to a modern gaming PC set-up. Well worth a look.

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