League of Legend's Jinx joins Fortnite in rare crossover for Riot

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League of Legends' Jinx is officially joining Fortnite as a new skin, courtesy of a new partnership between Riot and Epic Games. This would mark the first time a LoL character found their way into another game universe if not for a PUBG Mobile crossover announced on Tuesday. The bigger story is that Riot is also bringing its whole library to the Epic Games Store, marking the first time they've been available on a platform other than Riot's own launcher.

You can watch the official trailer above for a first look at Jinx in Fortnite. This is all part of a big marketing push for Arcane, the new League of Legends Netflix show, which tells the origin story of Jinx and her sister Vi as they grow up on the mean streets of Piltover and Zaun, twin cities that illustrate the disparities between utopia and dystopia.

Below, we've got a full guide for how to get the Jinx skin in Fortnite and a list of other bonus items you can get.

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How to get Jinx in Fortnite

Jinx's new Fortnite skin is based on her appearance in Arcane. Here's a look.

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Jinx arrives in the Fortnite item shop on November 4, 2021 at 7 PM ET/4PM PT.

Of course, with this marking a big Fortnite collaboration, Riot and Epic aren't stopping with just a single skin. Players can also purchase some extra cosmetic items either in a bundle or separately:

  • Jinx's Dream Monkey back bling
  • The Pow Pow Crusher pickaxe
  • Playground (Instrumental) lobby music track, from the Arcane OST

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The Arcane Jinx bundle also includes some extra items.

  • Jinxed Spray
  • Wreaking Havoc loading screen
  • Katchoo loading screen

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Don't forget to check out our Fortnite guides for challenges walkthroughs and news on the latest skins. Epic also recently announced the FNCS Grand Royale, along with the Community Cup, which could be your chance to earn an exclusive skin of your own.

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