Fortnite FNCS Grand Royale: Everything you need to know

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Epic has announced new details for Fortnite Grand Royale 2021. The FNCS 2021 season has concluded, but the Grand Royale is a last hurrah for competitive players willing to go up against each other.

This year, a huge prize pool is at stake, and players will have to contend with a unique format. Fans won't be left out in the cold either, thanks to a new Community Cup the public can compete in.

Below, we've got a full guide to Fortnite Grand Royale 2021, including when it starts, how to play in the Community Cup, and more.

When does Fortnite Grand Royale start?

Fortnite Grand Royale 2021 starts on different dates depending on your region. Here's every date laid out:

  • November 11-13: Middle East Grand Royale Qualifiers
  • November 12-14: All other regions’ Grand Royale Qualifiers
  • November 16: NA East, NA West, and Brazil regions’ Grand Royale Community Cup
  • November 17: Oceania, Asia, Middle East, and Europe regions’ Grand Royale Community Cup
  • November 19: Hype Hour Show - Broadcast on our English channels
  • November 19-20: Middle East Grand Royale Finals
  • November 20-21: All other regions’ Grand Royale Finals

Broadcast times also depend on region. Here's when you'll need to start tuning in:

  • North America: 3:30 PM ET/12:30 PM PT
  • EU (English, French, German, Spanish):  6 PM CET
  • BR (Portugese): 3:50 PM BRT
  • Asia (Japanese): 4:50 PM JST

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How to watch Fortnite FNCS Grand Royale 2021

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You can watch Fortnite Grand Royale live on either Fortnite's Twitch channel or Fortnite's YouTube channel. If you live outside of North America or the EU, just go to your respective region's Fortnite channel.

If you want to host your own stream party for the event, you can opt into which will let you stream a clean feed that won't result in DMCA takedowns and removes any host commentary.

If you want to watch Fortnite in Fortnite, Epic will be streaming the North America, EU, and the Brazil broadcasts (but not qualifiers) in Fortnite Party Royale.

Fortnite Grand Royale 2021 prize pool

More than $5 million is up for grabs in this year's Fortnite Grand Royale prize pool. Only the top 33 teams in each region will be able to win a prize. Here's what's on the table in each region.

  • EU: $2,250,300
  • NAE: $1,055,250
  • Brazil: $699,300
  • NAW: $398,850
  • Asia: $248,400
  • Middle East: $198,400
  • Oceania: $151,800

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How to play in the Fortnite Community Cup

If you're not quite pro, but still want to take a shot competing against other Fortnite players, the Fortnite Community Cup is where you want to be. Winners in the Community Cup will also earn a special Victor Elite outfit seen above.

The Community Cup starts on November 16 for North America and Brazil, and November 17 for EU, Oceania, Asia, and Middle East regions.

Trios will compete in 10 matches within three hours to earn the most points possible by scoring eliminations and outlasting opponents. You can check out the full rules here. The top-performing team in each region will win the Victor Elite outfit and its corresponding back bling cosmetic item.

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Fortnite Grand Royale Twitch drops

Linking your Epic account with Twitch will let you earn special rewards for watching Fortnite events on the official Fortnite Twitch channel or For Grand Royale, Epic is giving away a new spray, a new emoticon, and a new loading screen, seen above.

You can read up on more rules for Fortnite Grand Royale on Epic's news blog.

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