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Introducing the Large Pixel Collider, a computer of uncomfortable power


Nothing delights us more than building a nice computer. Except for, well, building an irresponsibly powerful one. Today we'd like you to meet the Large Pixel Collider, the most inspiring, dangerous, and liver-damagingly potent PC we've ever built.

We've assembled the LPC not as a quiet monument, but as an instrument that we'll use to produce cool content. It's our Excalibur, our Mjölnir, our Magic School Bus. At the heart of the system are four GTX Titans, which we'll use to capture gameplay video with every visual setting turned up. With 2560x1440 as our starting point, we'll ramp up in the coming months to 4K, 5K, and beyond. You'll be able to watch all of our footage and experiments on the PC Gamer YouTube channel.

We also want the LPC to continually express what's possible on Our Dear Platform. We'll swap in new parts whenever we believe we can increase performance, and we'll haul it with us to trade shows like PAX for you to see, hug, and take photos with like some sort of shopping mall Santa Claus* that can run Battlefield 4 at 7680x1440.

PC gaming is wonderful. We're jazzed that we get to build an absurd computer and share the results with you. Arma 3, embedded below, is our first video test of the LPC, and tomorrow we'll post footage from Metro: Last Light. Pledge loyalty to @pixelcollider for updates, high-resolution photos, and to generally be exposed to our madness.

*Please do not sit on the Large Pixel Collider's lap.

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