Insurgency: Sandstorm announced, trailer teases 'Story Mode' for solo or co-op play

The multiplayer tactical FPS Insurgency was released by New World Interactive in 2014, and it was quite good. The studio followed that up with Day of Infamy, a standalone expansion released earlier this year that converts the game from the modern era to the Second World War. Now a third game is on the way, Insurgency: Sandstorm, a proper sequel to the original that will feature a new Story Mode, playable either solo or cooperatively in groups of up to four. 

Despite the option to go alone, it's clear that Insurgency: Sandstorm remains focused primarily on multiplayer action. New World Interactive said the game puts an "emphasis on strategic gameplay," and like its predecessors, "rewards teamwork and objective-play over personal success." The description of Story mode also points toward a focus on working in groups, saying that "players will travel as a party cut off from support across a war-torn landscape on a new mission that is deeply personal." 

The trailer is narrated by one of those characters, a US Army vet turned "volunteer soldier" who's traveling with a local fighter on an unspecified mission. They'll be joined by other characters who will be introduced later, as "their objectives have aligned, and their vision of the war blurred as it touches each of them in different but converging ways." 

Insurgency: Sandstorm will include other new game modes, plus driveable vehicles, customizable characters, unlockable cosmetic items with Steam Marketplace integration, casual and ranked matchmaking, and other new features. There's no release date yet, but the website at says it's "coming soon."

Andy Chalk

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