HyperX is making a new play for the wireless gaming headset crown. This time in 3D

HyperX Cloud Core Wireless gaming headset and dongle
(Image credit: HyperX)

We’ve been a bit of a sucker for HyperX headsets ever since the HyperX Cloud Alpha managed to reign supreme back in 2018. This year, the HyperX Cloud II wireless sits proudly as our second favourite headset, and even takes first preference when it comes to wireless competition.

This is why the announcement of HyperX’s new Cloud Core Wireless Gaming Headset, caught our attention. The company boasts that the new headset features DTS Headphone X spatial audio. This is DTS’s 3D audio simulation technology, designed to mimic how sound would actually sound in a physical space. Not just left, right and behind, but above and below as well. When it comes to gaming realistic spatial audio can be a huge boon to immersion, or even give a competitive edge. 

The addition of DTS Headphone X spatial audio could do a lot for the HyperX headsets sound. While we’ve often touted them for being very clear, sometimes the 7.1 sound used in some headsets has caused distortions or the bass has lacked a little. This could push HyperX's sound quality really into the next level, but we’ll have to listen to it first before we make any calls. 

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Aside from that, it seems likely to be a well optimised headset for gaming with Discord and TeamSpeak certifications. A light aluminium frame means the headset comes in easily under 300 grams, paired with leatherette covered memory foam cushions should make for a pretty comfy ride. The battery isn't bad for the weight either, said to last around 20 hours and take 3 hours to charge. 

The Cloud Core will be a welcome addition to the HyperX line of headsets, though it's crowded market for wireless headsets, and it's going to have to be something special to topple the Cloud II Wireless from its perch. The Cloud Core is coming in at a recommended retail cost of $99.99 USD at places like Best Buy, which puts it a little above the excellent Cloud II. However, given the inclusion of DTS, this could potentially be the best HyperX wireless headset for the price.

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