How to find the Cursed Tomb Treasure in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb Treasure - Secret entrance to manor basement
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The Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb Treasure quest is one of the main treasure hunts you encounter when out and about exploring the Highlands. Just like the Solved by the Bell puzzle, it unlocks part of the very fancy Treasure Seeker's outfit in collections, letting you roleplay as your very own magical tomb raider.

To complete this quest you're going to need Alohomora level one and the Flipendo spell. You'll also want to be at a relatively high level since you have to defeat the dark wizard boss, Ailsa Travers, and a whole tonne of Inferni. That said, here's how to get the Cursed Tomb Treasure using the Mysterious Map Fragment. 

Where to find the Mysterious Map Fragment 

You can find the Cursed Tomb Treasure quest marker in the far south of the map by Manor Cape. The quest requires you to find a way into the ruined manor's basement near the West Manor Cape Floo Flame to unlock a chest. While you can head through the manor itself, you need Alohomora level three to unlock the basement door. 

Instead, find the little mausoleum with the statue on the hill, up the cliff from the fast travel point. Light the torch at its base and the statue will spin to reveal an entrance. Step inside, and you'll find yourself in a basement filled with Inferni and the dark wizard, Ailsa Travers. Beat them all and unlock the chest in the room where you entered to get the Mysterious Map Fragment. 

How to get the Cursed Tomb Treasure 

To find the Cursed Tomb Treasure you need to follow the Mysterious Map Fragment to the Tomb of Treachery dungeon just below where you enter the south side of the map via the Coastal Cavern. Just fly through the waterfall and past the standing stones to unlock the Tomb of Treachery Floo Flame.

You need to navigate to the end of the dungeon using Lumos to gather moths to open doors and, as in other dungeons, move crates, burn cobwebs, and fight Inferni and spiders—it's all pretty self-explanatory. The trickiest part is in the last chamber where you'll find a grid of nine stone tiles in the centre of the room that resembles the grid shown on the map. After you've defeated the Inferni, you need to use Flipendo to spin the tiles and reveal their symbols to match the pattern on the map.

When entering the chamber, head to the right so the tiles are in a square. Spin the bottom left, the bottom right, and the top middle⁠—you'll know you're in the right position as the arrows will point away from you. The central tile will open up, revealing a treasure chest that contains your well-earned Treasure Seeker's Attire. 


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