Hitman 2 reveals second level Santa Fortuna in this new trailer

Warner Bros and Io Interactive have released a new trailer for Hitman 2, giving us more detail about the Colombian jungle level that we got a glimpse of a few weeks ago.

In the above trailer, we are introduced to Santa Fortuna, a small village in an idyllic location—an excellent holiday spot, providing you can ignore the loitering gunmen and dodgy dealings. Unluckily for you, it seems you won't have time to relax, as it seems Agent 47 has been deployed there to deal with three cartel leaders.

Along with the lush backdrop of the Colombian rainforest, we get to see caves and ruins and other locations, ripe with kill possibilities. In fact, the video gives us a glimpse at some of the ways you'll be able take out enemies, such as stealth takedowns, the use of the environment—gas canisters or, from the looks of it, pretty much anything that isn't tied down can be used for murder. Agent 47 also throws a hammer. It's your usual wholesome Hitman stuff. 

We heard more about Hitman 2's creative kills and immersive qualities last month, including Agent 47 killing a man with a fish.

HItman 2 is set for release on November 13.

Sarah James
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