Hitman 2 video shows Agent 47 killing a man with a fish

To be a good hitman requires many different skills. You need finely tuna-d senses. You need to be in the right plaice at the right time. Above all, you need to blend into the crowd, and avoid looking… suspicious.

You also need to make the best of the situation, and use whatever weapons come to hand, just like Agent 47 does in this new Hitman 2 video.

Titled “How to Hitman”, the video is mainly about showing off Hitman 2’s immersive qualities. Centring around the game’s Miami racetrack mission, the video promises more “expanded” levels than 2016’s episodic reboot. This would be pretty impressive given how missions such as the brilliant Sapienza could hardly be described as small.

In addition, the video discusses how missions will evolve depending on the way players approach their objective. “Thanks to the game’s revolutionary AI, characters react to organic, and inorganic changes to their environment accordingly, creating a domino effect that can have vast repercussions.” The video demonstrates this by showing the same scene of a racing podium, but with two different racers stood at the top of it.

The video also shows us Agent 47 going about his business in his typically multifaceted style, knocking out guards, sniping from rooftops, blowing up racecars with remote bombs. The highlight, however, comes just after the minute mark, when 47 batters an NPC with a fish on a gangway. Monty Python would be proud.

With Hitman 2 launching on the November 13, no doubt we’ll be seeing even more creative kills trickling out of IO Interactive in the coming months. This one will take some beating however.