GTA Online's PUBG-style Motor Wars mode offers double GTA$ and experience this week

I enjoyed GTA Online's new Motor Wars adversary mode when I tried it last week, even if it didn't entirely live up to the promise of a battle royale-style mode in Rockstar's open world epic. It's pretty decent for a freebie, though, and this week you've got an extra incentive to try it out, as it's paying out double experience and GTA bucks until the 11th.

If you're not familiar with Motor Wars, players parachute down onto a truncated part of GTA's Los Santos landmass in up to four teams, and are tasked with stealing armoured vehicles on the ground and blowing each other up. The boundaries of the arena then close in, as everyone hunts each other down. Matches only last for ten minutes, but it's nonetheless the closest GTA has got to emulating the successful format of PUBG so far. 

In other updates to the game, all body and vehicle armour upgrades are discounted by 25% this week, including the plane armour added by last week's Smuggler's Run expansion. I'm currently checking this major update out, so expect some thoughts on that next week. 

You can also save 25% on the Pegassi Reaper, Imponte Nightshade, Invetero Coquette Classic and Progen Itali GTB, if fast cars are your sort of thing. There are also new time trials and premium races, which you can check out details for at Rockstar's Newswire