Grab a Bluetooth Xbox One controller for only $38 today

Grab a Bluetooth Xbox One controller for only $38 today

For the most part, you shouldn't ever pay full price for a game controller. The time to pounce is when they're on sale, which is the case right now for Microsoft's Xbox Wireless Controller. It's only $38.06 on Amazon right now.

Granted, the standard Xbox One controller is not on the same level as the Elite model, which is the best controller for PC gaming if you're in the market for a luxury option. But it's also far more affordable.

The controller has a textured grip, a built-in 3.5mm headset jack, and a typical Xbox button layout. It uses Bluetooth, though if your PC doesn't support that for some reason, you can still connect it via USB.


Xbox Wireless Controller | Bluetooth | $38.06 (save $21.93)
This is about as cheap as it gets for the Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth connectivity. It's compatible with Windows 10 and 7/8.1 PCs, and of course works with Xbox One consoles as well.

When this controller goes on sale, it's usually at the $40 mark. This is couple of bucks cheaper, and it's shipped and sold by Amazon, not a marketplace seller. It's a solid buy at this price, particularly if if you're after the white model. For other current prices for the controller see below.

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