Man has once again crossed a line in creating these pizza-scented Ninja Turtle controllers

Turtle Power!
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Do certain smells calm you down? Perhaps you enjoy the soothing scent of lavender in the air to help you relax. What if I told you there's a way to fill your bedroom with the enticing aroma of New York-style pizza without actually having one or buying a $30 candle?

Xbox announced a series of Ninja Turtle-themed wireless controllers to celebrate the upcoming release of the Teenage Mutant Ninja: Mutant Mayhem animated movie. Each controller will come with a special scent to get you psyched up for the movie, though I think you might get some odd looks if you pulled out your Xbox controller in the theater. 

These controllers are designed with scent diffusers shaped like pizzas that attach to the top of the gamepad, giving the controller the delightful fragrance of a "slice of delicious New York ‘za," as stated in the press release.

The controllers come in four different colors, each representing one of the brothers. Personally, I've always been fond of anything in the Michelangelo orange. Though the exact duration of the scents' longevity isn't mentioned, anyone who's had a pizza in their room knows that the smell tends to linger around for a while.

Turtle Power!

(Image credit: Xbox)

However, if this controller ends up smelling of pepperoni, ice cream, mushrooms, anchovies, peanut butter, and jelly beans (Mikey's canonically favorite pizza), then I'd be tempted to toss it out of the window. I don't live in a sewer where I need to mask one gross smell with another.

The only way to get one of these scented nightmares is via sweepstakes that you can enter on Xbox's Twitter, err, X account. If you're in the NYC area like I am, you can check out and sniff these controllers at the Xbox Gaming Lounge in the Microsoft Experience Center on August 2. 

This isn't the first company to add scent diffusers to PC gaming hardware. Aroma Shooter made a device that lets you smell anime, so man is clearly continuing unhindered down this dark, smelly path towards olfactory ruin.


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