All the games announced for Google Stadia

Right before E3, Google revealed a bunch of details on its upcoming cloud-streaming service, Stadia. But what good is a cool new streaming platform without some cool games to stream? At launch, the Stadia will have a good mix of already-released and upcoming games—and even an exclusive by Tequila Works, the developers of Rime.

During the reveal, Google showed off dozens of games, and has announced even more since then so we're rounding them all up here for you in one easy place.

What is Google Stadia's release date?

Google Stadia's service will launch on November 19, 2019 with streaming available starting at 9 am PT/5 pm BST that day. 

Stadia Founder's Editions and Premier Editions will start being sent out in the order in which they were bought, and you'll be sent an activation code when your package ships that lets you set up you account and Stadia Pro, which you'll have access to for three months. It's normally $10 a month. 

All the games confirmed for Google Stadia

The confirmed list of Stadia games has become full of anticipated dig releases and some solid-looking smaller games as well. The streaming platform will have big games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Borderlands 3, along with smaller choices like Superhot and Kine.

Here's the full list, though, with links to more information you'll want to know about the ones that aren't out just yet.

During the Stadia reveal, Phil Harrison also revealed other publishers Google is working with, though they didn't all have any games to show. The image below shows them, with notable ones being Capcom, Rockstar, and Sega.

Correction: This article originally implied that Tequila Works were the sole developers of The Sexy Brutale, which is not the case as the game was developed by Cavalier Game Studios.

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