Darksiders Genesis teaser trailer reveals a top-down Diablo-style spinoff

THQ Nordic, by way of the E3 Coliseum schedule, teased a new Darksiders game last week that it said would take the series "in a fresh direction." We just got our first look at that fresh direction in a teaser trailer, courtesy of IGN, which trades the third-person hack-and-slash of the first three games in the series for some Diablo-style isometric action. We also meet a new horseman named Strife.

The trailer is short and sweet, but unless my eyes deceive me it appears as though War, one of the lead characters from the first two Darksiders games, is rumbling through the levels side-by-side with Strife. I didn't see Fury, the horseman from Darksiders 3, but it's possible she's being held back for a future reveal, or maybe she just blinked past so quickly that I didn't notice—it's a very fast trailer, after all, and the characters are quite small.

E3 2019 doesn't officially start until next week—June 11, if you can believe it—but by any reasonable measure the flag has already dropped and we're full speed ahead right now. Given that, I'd guess that we'll have more information to share about Darksiders Genesis very soon. In addition to Google Stadia, Darksiders Genesis will be on Steam.

A full rundown of what else is coming during this technically pre-E3 period is available here.

Andy Chalk

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