Goat Simulator out on April 1 for all your goat needs

Goat Simulator

We're already strongly considering Goat Simulator, Sanctum 2 developer Coffee Stain Studios' physics playground ( a goat joke that became real in record time ), as our top pick for 2014. It might even lead our Game of the Year Awards . Heck, it's GOATY—Game of All The Years. Before we all lavish it with the accolades a AAA goat game truly deserves, we'll have to wait until April 1 before we can gleefully add Goat Simulator to our Steam libraries.

The premise fits on a business card: you're a goat. Here's stuff. Run into the stuff. Ragdolls, flying objects, and one rubbery goat is apparently all one needs to summon the Internet's scary might to encourage development, as designer Armin Ibrisagic explains in a Gamasutra post . I'm so glad to live in a time where a game about a silly goat is just as powerful an idea as a rich, story-driven RPG.

Because the game's home will be on Steam, Coffee Stain hopes the added Steam Workshop support will give rise to a new gaming era of glorious, goat-related user content. Ibrisagic puts it best: "People are going to make levels filled with 10,000 explosive canisters, headbutt them with a goat, and make the game crash. And that will be glorious."

Here's some earlier Goat Simulator videos in case you missed 'em. Because goats. The game's website also has pre-orders available for $10/£6.

Omri Petitte

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