Genshin Impact will get a browser-based, visual novel-style event

Genshin Impact characters with Zhongli
(Image credit: miHoYo)

On November 2, miHoYo launched an event for Genshin Impact in China that's playable using your browser only, called Stone Harbor Journal. The same day, the official English Genshin Impact Twitter account announced the event for players on the other side of the globe, without naming a release date yet.

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Stone Harbor Journal is a text-based adventure that takes you to Liyue, where you can finish a number of small jobs at the pier and elsewhere around the city in order to earn up to 200 Urgestein and 50,000 Mora, which will be credited to your Genshin Impact account. You can send either Zhongli or Childe, both new characters available in Genshin's upcoming 1.1 update, to help you, and then react to various problems they run into on the job. Who you send will affect the event's storyline, rewards will stay the same. You can attempt one job per day, certain tasks also give you up to three additional chances. While only those who complete all jobs will receive the Urgestein and Mora rewards, each completed job gives you a small bonus. Stylistically, the event depicts characters in super-deformed chibi style, players who complete the storyline get to see a new visual.

In China, Stone Harbor Journal runs until November 10, so it's likely the West will get the event once its Chinese run has concluded, perhaps simultaneously with the update's release on November 11. Apart from new characters, 1.1 promises several enhancements, such as quality of life improvements, changes to the Resin system, and new weapons.